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Office and Shop partitioning works

Office partitioning can play a leading role in a new office design or office refurbishment scheme, or as an addition to your existing office space. Office partitioning can meet a wide variety of needs, and all of the office partition systems we specify and install are attractive, modern and highly cost effective.

Office partitioning features and benefits
Office partitions can be the ideal way to divide up space within your office. They provide a flexible, aesthetically pleasing and low-cost method of creating individual offices, breakout areas or meeting rooms.

Glass office partitioning is popular as it creates a feeling of openness. It’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, however, and there is plenty of scope to meet your needs and set you apart from the company next door!

Glass partitions come in single- or double-glazed varieties, with accompanying levels of acoustic performance and fire resistance. There are framed and frameless versions, plus a variety of frame colours and materials. You can add bold graphics and frosted panels – or even install remote-controlled blinds inside double-glazed glass partitions.

Of course, glass is not the only option. Solid office partitions have their place too, whether full-height or just half-height topped with glass. These are often selected for practical reasons – such as to create a corridor or as a backing for storage systems – as well as aesthetic ones.

Office partitioning is easy to install, meaning minimal disruption to your people and operation. Some office partition systems are ‘demountable’, allowing them to be quickly removed or their setup reconfigured to meet changing requirements within your office space.

Explore office partitioning options with a FREE no-obligation consultation
Whether you have a specific office partitioning requirement in mind, or are in the early stages of considering an office design project, a FREE consultation will give you valuable insight into our thinking and approach.


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