About Us

Hama Solutions (Private) Limited Hama Solutions was incorporated in terms of the Companies Act, under registration number 8047/2017.

Hama Solutions Group is involved in Construction, Graphic Designing and Printing, Solar Energy and IT as well as Digital Marketing. Its main thrust is to deliver high quality products and services to customers. The clientele ranges from individuals, private corporate organisations, Non profit making organisations, Local Authorities and Government institutions.

Through strategic partnerships with reputable local and international companies, coupled with professionals who provide innovative ideas, Hama Solutions has successfully managed to deliver high quality products and services to customers at favorable prices. The organisation’s thrust and focus is innovation, offering new ideas and products to satisfy the needs of the ultimate consumer.

Hama Solutions, continuously seeks interested parties and or investors to partner with, in delivering projects on negotiable terms and conditions.

The track record thus far tells a story of creativity, high quality and responsiveness to customer requirements and needs.

We believe that customers are the ambassadors of our brand and the lifeblood of our business. We cherish building up relationships, understanding, listening, and giving people what they need, when they need it. This relationship does not end when we sell a product or provide a service, indeed that is just the beginning

The Company’s Vision, Mission and Values


To be the leader in the in the provision of Goods and Services in our various portfolios in Zimbabwe and the region

Mission Statement

To provide quality solutions that meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Core values

Innovation and Creativity
We promote innovation and new ideas in order to provide our customers with new solutions that satisfy their requirements and needs.

Environmental Pro-activeness
We are committed to the development of communities that balance growth with preservation, designing high quality products and services that will leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Customer Service
We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs as we believe that our customers are the lifeline of our business and ambassadors of our brand.

Quality Products and Services
We are inspired to be working in a solution-orientated way, to provide enduring service and deliver high quality products.

Social Responsibility
We are dedicated to being a good corporate citizen, giving something back to the under privileged children in marginalised communities among other initiatives.

Transparency and Integrity
We are dedicated to being ethical, compliant and transparent in all our activities.

We thrive on collective and coordinated effort towards achieving a common goal.


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