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  • Our Vision

    To be a high capacity Company that provides infrastructure solutions to the SADC region and institutes highly innovative and creative E-solutions.
  • Our Mission

    Through strategic partnership, to develop SADC’s infrastructure in a way that raises host country’s capacities as well as economically empower women, the youth and previously subdued black Companies.
  • Our Core Values

    Integrity | Honesty | Timeliness | Innovation and Creativity | Empowerment

About Hama Solutions

Hama Solutions is a Zimbabwean company that works in partnership with high capacity Group of Companies in South Africa, United Arab Emirates and continues to seek partnership with international financiers and reputable Companies for the development of the SADC Region. The main vision is to see a region with advanced broad based basic infrastructure supportive of economic integration and developed with a deliberate strategy to build local capacities through a combined use of low-capacity Companies and high-capacity Group of Companies. This will be achieved through skills and technology transfer with a main thrust to economically empower women, the youth and black companies.

Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Business


Hama Solutions is aware that the interdependences between economic activity, ecosystems and natural resources present risk and opportunities for our business. Economic development, human survival and well-being require conservation of the earth's ecosystems. Climate change, depletion of natural resources, water scarcity and degradation of air and soil are some of the possible adverse impacts from human activities in ecosystems , societies and economies across the world.

As as African leading construction company, the cornerstone of our mission at Hama Solutions is to not only generate value for customers and shareholders, but also to contribute to the development of the communities in which we operate. Systematically, our group is working to define a reliable and inclusive approach that allows Hama Solutions to prevent and manage environmental impacts caused directly or indirectly through our operations, financial transactions, supply chains and other business activities.

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